Watch this space….

Totally Locally Leighton Buzzard is a grassroots community organisation all about actively doing things collectively to promote and involve people from our town (and beyond). We operate by the rule of ‘get it done’ and ‘be positive’. We don’t expect to change the world but hope to make a small difference to our town. We appreciate the work of other groups like LB First and the local council who can only do so much. We are here to support their efforts and also come up with new ideas and tap into national initiatives (and come up with a few of our own!). We are all working to the same goal which is to make Leighton Buzzard an even greater place to live.

If this sounds up your street and you want to get actively involved please message or email. See the Contact page for more information or follow and like us on Facebook and Twitter.

Our focus going forward….

Just a few of the activities we plan to work on now and into the future, individually and in collaboration with others. If you can help with any of these ideas please let us know.

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