Everyone loves a good challenge! Right? Well #Local4Lent is all about setting yourself a challenge small or big for the 40 days of Lent which runs from 17 February to 3 April 2021. The main message is:

For 40 days of Lent , don’t give up chocolate🍫, beer🍺 or luxuries💎, give up big shops and shop local instead

The campaign was originally started by Zana O’Connell and Charlotte Farringdon on social media platform Twitter. The Leighton Buzzard campaign is an adaptation of the Witter campaign and introduces the idea of a loyalty card (hence the amended local logo).

In 2021 Leighton Buzzard residents (and beyond) are being challenged to do something #Local4Lent – making positive choices about their local “footprint” as customers and as citizens (in a Covid19 secure way of course!).

Just like the Totally Locally FiverFest campaign, #Local4Lent is about lots of local independent businesses joining together to make a noise and song and dance about our great local community.

What does #Local4Lent involve?

#Local4Lent is a local grassroots campaign and involves two local initiatives:

  1. #Local4Lent Challenge Loyalty Card – If you spend up to £60 in one or more transactions with one or more participating retailers over the 40 days of Lent and return your card then you will have chance to enter a prize draw. You can use multiple stamp cards and enter multiple times. All the prizes for the prize draw have been very kindly donated by local businesses (with thanks).
  2. #Local4Lent Hashtag Challenge – you can also get a chance to win a prize by participating in the hashtag challenge.


PRIZES available from PRIZE DRAW!!!

Which local businesses are taking part in the #Local4Lent Challenge Loyalty Card initiative?

#Local4Lent is being supported by the following local businesses and organisations where you can get hold of (and importantly spend) are Loyalty Card:

What do I have to do for the #Local4Lent Hashtag challenge?

The #Local4Let Hashtag challenge is a series of local challenges for customers. You are free to choose one of them or all of them (or alternatively come up with your own challenge).
To take part you need to tag your name, the name of the local business or businesses and a photo/s to @totallylocallyleightonbuzzard (on Facebook) or @totallylocallyLB (on Instagram).

  1. Shop local! Try to buy at least one staple diet item or craft item produced locally.
  2. Think outside the box – are there any other ethical, local or unusual products you could buy locally? You might be surprised and come across a gem.
  3. Have a local LOAF (Local, Organic, Animal-friendly, Fair Trade) meal at home using as many local ingredients as possible.
  4. Commit to only eating seasonal produce or to only buying ethical products.
  5. Get organised – find out opening times and new places and ways to shop locally.
  6. Research – take time to find out about local businesses deliver to your door. Commit to making at least one local online order.
  7. Eat out locally (or order in a local takeaway)– make time to order from a local café, pub or restaurant (subject to Covid19 guidelines).
  8. Get talking – recommend a local business. Share your discoveries with friends and family using the hashtag #Local4Lent #TotallyLocallyLeightonBuzzard
  9. Get your children involved and challenge them whilst homeschooling to learn about local and Fairtrade ingredients and products.
  10. Take time to give back locally and support a local charity throughout Lent.

Is #Local4Lent about never going to a big shop or supermarket again?

No. Big shops and supermarkets are an accepted part of life and they are not all bad. However, #Local4Lent is about making everyone think about the small changes we can take to do things differently and keep our local town and area vibrant, active and healthy – like supporting the market.

Why support #Local4Lent and the local participating businesses?

#Local4Lent is about making active positive choices, making new discoveries and changing things in a small way. You never know – you might find delicious cheese or handmade chocolate at local market, hand crafted beer at local micro brewery and freshly baked bread from great family run local bakery or other great local products. You might say – that shopping local costs too much money or time or can’t be done because of Covid19. #Local4Lent is about making small changes for a short time so it is not so big or scary (which might become a longer term habit but not something to stress about)…..and you could be in with a chance by spending with your #Local4Lent Challenge Loyalty Card or by taking part in the #Local4Lent Hashtag Challenge.

Is there a church or religious connection to #Local4Lent?

No,#Local4Lent is not specifically about one particular religion. Religious or not, many people choose to give up various things for focus time periods – think Dry January or dieting. Over the 40 days of Lent (or indeed for other major religious times like Purim or Ramadan) people often spurn much-loved foods like chocolate or bread or other consumer products. The idea behind #Local4Lent is NOT to ABSTAIN FROM things but INSTEAD use that time to do something positive FOR your local area.  Hence the idea of the #Local4Lent challenge – it maybe won’t transform your life completely but it is a chance to try new things and develop new habits.

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