£5 offers (June 2021)

Totally Locally Leighton Buzzard’s FiverFest is returning bigger and better for another fortnight of fantastic offers from loads of local independent businesses from 12 to 26 June 2021. See offers listed below and on social media. There are currently over 110 different offers available so get excited!

Leighton Buzzard residents please support this national celebration of local independent businesses and shops – SHOP LIKE YOUR HIGH STREET DEPENDS ON IT – Grab a bargain – Spend Local – Support Local

Map of Fiver Fest participant businesses

The map below plots all the fabulous independent businesses and shops taking part in Fiver Fest in Leighton Buzzard between 12th and 26th June 2021. All offers are only available for the duration of the 5th Fiver Fest Fortnight so get in quick for FIVERFEST FORTNIGHT to support local businesses and discover new places and services in our great town.


List of participating businesses and details of offers

All Leighton Buzzard’s Fiver Fest fortnight offers available from 12 to 26 June will be listed here at beginning of June. Time to get excited! Watch this space!!! Over 110 amazing businesses are taking part (as of 5 June). Why not join in at ‘Business Sign Up (Fiver Fest)‘? 




  1. Mimic GiftsFIVERFEST offer: 2 classic bombs for £5 or 2 slices of soap (100g) for £5 (normally (£3 each)
  2. Ali’s PaperFIVERFEST offer: notepads, vouchers and marbled bookmarks each for £5 and some special £5 offers (to be confirmed)
  3. KrysaLis Creations – FIVERFEST offer: Dipped geometric tealight holder with a matching colour small decorative heart for £5 OR a dipped large robot with a matching colour small decorative heart for £5
  4. The Ohana Candle Co – FIVERFEST offer: Clamshell wax melt for £5
  5. Mystic Melts by CaitlinFIVERFEST offer: 3 packs of wax melts for £5 (usually £8.25) or 3 snap bars for £5 (usually £7.50) – all will be random, amazing smells!
  6. Flair for Party – FIVERFEST offer: £5 voucher
  7. Nature’s Harvest – FIVERFEST offer: A selection of bestselling health foods and non-foods all on offer for £5 or Buy 2 or 3 items for £5
  8. Studio Infinity – FIVERFEST offer: TO BE CONFIRMED
  9. Serenity Reflexology and Wellbeing – FIVERFEST offer: Himalayan salt tea light candle holder for £5
  10. Constantines Salon – FIVERFEST offer: Conditioning treatment for £5 and a file and polish for £5
  11. The Hangry Vegan – FIVERFEST offer: Mini loaded Hangry Dawg and Chips for £5
  12. Bembridge Castings – FIVERFEST offer: A ready to decorate stone cast alphabet set for £5
  13. Red Poppies StudioFIVERFEST offer: Two fab offers – beautifully handpainted pint glasses for £5 (perfect for Father’s Day) and handpainted mini jars with complimentary poppy seeds for £5
  14. Bathroomatic – FIVERFEST offer: Simple soap and bamboo dish gift box for £5
  15. Zoom Photographic Studio – FIVERFEST offer: £5 voucher for baby and pet photography
  16. Thatchface – FIVERFEST offer: 10ml bottles of beard conditioning oils for £5 each
  17. Azure Pools and Hot Tubs – FIVERFEST offer: pool and hot tub toys and accessories for £5
  18. LJ Fitness – FIVERFEST offer: Online fitness session for £5
  19. Gazza Records – FIVERFEST offer: Two mid priced LPs (normally £4 each) for £5
  20. Jules Fashion Accessories – FIVERFEST offer: large selection of earrings for £5
  21. Wombats Woodshop (Leighton Buzzard Market Trader) – FIVERFEST offer: Oak coaster for £5 or a wooden knife for £5 instead of £8 to £10 when you buy any other product
  22. Black Circle Records – FIVERFEST offer: Vinyl cleaning products for £5 (instead of £6.99 and £7.99)
  23. Adriennes Flowers – FIVERFEST offer: a small posy of seasonal flowers in a glass vase for £5
  24. Cee Jay Electronics – FIVERFEST offer: £5 discount voucher
  25. Raven and Broomstick – FIVERFEST offer: Spirit board trinket trays for £5
  26. The Happy Planet Festival – FIVERFEST offer: Two tickets to the Happy Planet Festival (on 18-19 September) for £5
  27. Lisa Hewitt Hypnotherapy – FIVERFEST offer: Hypnotherapy discovery call for £5
  28. Sophia’s Homemade CakeFIVERFEST offer: Voucher and giveaway cake for £5
  29. Gallon Fitness and Martial Arts – FIVERFEST offer: Discounted price of £5 per session
  30. Cittadina CoffeeFIVERFEST offer: One slice of cake and either a medium latte or medium cappuccino for £5 
  31. Dorvics CyclesFIVERFEST offer: Puncture repair kit and pro tyre levers for £5 (normally priced at £7.50)
  32. Reasons to Season – FIVERFEST offer: Find your Reasons to Season by purchasing any 2 flavours from the following for £5
    – Lemon, Garlic and Herb
    – Fruity BBQ
    – Chilli and Maple
    – Jamaican Jerk
    It’s a “Flavour Fiver Feast”. All are allergen free seasonings sold in re-sealable packets and homemade in Leighton Buzzard. 
  33. Martini’s RestaurantFIVERFEST offer: Glass of prosecco and special nibbles from chef (minimum two people)
  34. Treasure Map Trails – FIVERFEST offer: Two Leighton Buzzard maps for £5 (normally one map is £5.99 and two are £8.99)
  35. Rachel Fawcett Sports Massage – FIVERFEST offer: £5 voucher towards cost of first sports massage
  36. Anne McGuigan Beauty Salon – FIVERFEST offer: Sensory Retreats self-heating eyes mask for £5
  37. Loobi Crafts – FIVERFEST offer: Charm Grab Bags (nickel or antique gold) for £5 or Ribbon Bundle Grab Bags for £5
  38. Yummy Chumz – FIVERFEST offer: Bubble cups for £5 and sundae shakes for £5 and Churros with Spanish hot chocolate and drizzle sauces for £5
  39. The Brickhill Bistro – FIVERFEST offer: a Bedfordshire picnic box (with assortment of home made savouries – including the Bedfordshire Clanger and home-baked cakes) for £5. Also, secondly, a child’s taster cookery session in one of regular classes for £5
  40. Bedfordshire Phone Sales – FIVERFEST offer: 1 case and 1 protector for £5 (normally priced at £10 for the two – so a half price bargain offer)!
  41. The Secret Courtyard – FIVERFEST offer: Range of offers including hippy bags for £5 and two flowers for £5 (as well as some extra £5 offers over the FiverFest fortnight!) Come and explore the shop!
  42. Trainers and Bananas – FIVERFEST offer: Boot camps – £5 per person per session
  43. Sunshine Softplay – FIVERFEST offer: £5 voucher which can be used on any of hire products
  44. Allframe – FIVERFEST offer: Lovely set of 3 hearts for £5 (normally priced at £10)
  45. The Ivy Lane Restaurant at The Three Locks Golf Club, Great Brickhill – FIVERFEST offer: Small English Breakfast for £5 (normally priced at £6.95) – available Tuesday to Sunday
  46. Blakely and Bow – FIVERFEST offer: Pastel cotton bows sold as set of two for £5 (normally £4 each). Bows are available in 6 different colours – pink, green, blue, white, charcoal and light grey and two different styles (pinch bow or hand tied)
  47. Pecks Farm Shop – FIVERFEST offer: 
  48. The Dineyard – FIVERFEST offer: Pratty’s rubs for £5
  49. King’s Road Fashions – FIVERFEST offer: Choose from a range of stunning jewellery sold at just £5 per item (usually retails at £17.90 or more. Beautiful quality necklaces, bracelets or earrings by Danish brand Dansk Copenhagen
  50. Jackson and Phillips Garage Services – FIVERFEST offer: Vehicle Health Check for £5
  51. The Deli at No 5 (Leighton Buzzard Market Trader) – FIVERFEST offer: TO BE CONFIRMED
  52. The Fudge Can Company (Leighton Buzzard Market Trader) – FIVERFEST offer: Special £5 bags of fudge
  53. Turners Nurseries (Leighton Buzzard Market Trader)FIVERFEST offer: £5 deals on selected plants and flowers
  54. SJ Books (Leighton Buzzard Market Trader) – FIVERFEST offer: Any five children’s books for £5
  55. The Good Life Refill – FIVERFEST offer: TO BE CONFIRMED
  56. Phone Club – FIVERFEST offer: Screen repair offer for £5
  57. The Crooked Crow BarFIVERFEST offer: Special cocktail for £5
  58. Di Meo Hairdressing – FIVERFEST offer: Blow dry with junior stylist for £5
  59. GCC ArtworksFIVERFEST offer: Resin Art bottle stoppers for £5 (usually priced at £10) 
  60. Wear2School – FIVERFEST offer: All pairs of football socks for £5
  61. Backyard Pizza Company – FIVERFEST offer: “Rita” pizza for £5 (pre orders only on pre advertised trading sessions)
  62. Bits and Buds – FIVERFEST offer: Daily £5 offers
  63. Chilli IslandFIVERFEST offer: Buy a large jar of Smoking Gun for £5 (saving £1.50 on retail price of £6.50). Made in Leighton Buzzard by Brendan.
  64. English with Holly – FIVERFEST offer: English class in grammar, analysis and creative writing for 7 to 15 year olds for £5 (normally priced at £10)
  65. Amy’s Dance Academy – FIVERFEST offer: Two x pre-school ballet classes for £5 (subject to availability)
  66. Leighton Buzzard Brewing Company – FIVERFEST offer: Two 500ml bottles of beer for £5
  67. The Coffee Barn – FIVERFEST offer: TO BE CONFIRMED
  68. Miss Kavita’s Kitchen – FIVERFEST offer: A main meal with a paratha for £5
  69. Lauren’s CafeFIVERFEST offer: TO BE CONFIRMED
  70. Angelica’s Crystal and Rock ShopFIVERFEST offer: Four “Tree of Life” incense sticks for £5
  71. The Spotted Sheep – FIVERFEST offer: Special £5 offer packs for knitters and crocheters
  72. Simply Sweetalicious – FIVERFEST offer: 500g of pick & mix sweets for £5
  73. Selections Hardware – FIVERFEST offer: TO BE CONFIRMED
  74. EphesusFIVERFEST offer: Wraps (halloumi, falafel or kofte)  for £5
  75. The Pantry – FIVERFEST offer: 2 small slices of cake and tea for two for £5
  76. Little Smiles Sleepovers – FIVERFEST offer: £5 voucher towards cost of tent hire
  77. The Wheatsheaf – FIVERFEST offer: 2 single spirits and mixers for £5
  78. Shakebox Diner – FIVERFEST offer: 3 ice cream cones for £5
  79. New City Heating Co – FIVERFEST offer: To be confirmed
  80. Reggie’s Corner – FIVERFEST offer: Two bags of Pooches for £5
  81. Kelly’s Beauty Box – FIVERFEST offer: £5 voucher towards any beauty therapy service worth over £20
  82. Sizzlers Fish & Chip Shop – FIVERFEST offer: Daily £5 offer – check Facebook page and shop for details 
  83. Lock Services – FIVERFEST offer: Any standard cylinder key cut and a selected key ring for £5
  84. Munchies (Leighton Buzzard Market Trader)FIVERFEST offer: Cheese burger and bacon with a can of drink for £5
  85. Posh Janet (Leighton Buzzard Farmers Market Trader)FIVERFEST offer: Any baked goods for £5 and Chiltern Rapeseed Oil for £5 
  86. The Battle Barge – FIVERFEST offers: Ammo Cans for £5, Military signal torch for £5 and an MTP facemask for £5
  87. Mellow Coaching by Melanie Low – FIVERFEST offer: £5 voucher for £50 off a Dating Profile Review (full price £97)
  88. Mellow Virtual Assistant Plus – FIVERFEST offer: £5 voucher for 25% off a Lead Magnet and Welcome Email sequence build (full price £350 and with voucher £262.50)
  89. Em’s Gems (Leighton Buzzard Market Trader) – FIVERFEST offer: Two pairs of earrings for £5 (normally priced at £3 each) 
  90. GG SPOT SkinbarFIVERFEST offer: £5 for ear candling or chemical peel or microdermabrasion or hydrodermbrasion or dermaplaning or LED light therapy or high frequency skin treatments
  91. BonBonBows – FIVERFEST offer: Any birthday hair bow designs for £5 (available to buy through Etsy shop or by contacting BonBonBows directly)
  92. Izipkili – FIVERFEST offer: Select TWO specified nail art stencil designs for £5 
  93. Happydashery – FIVERFEST offer: Seedball tins for £5 each (normally £6)
  94. Serene by Chloe – FIVERFEST offer: Goddess candle for £5 (normally priced at £6) 
  95. Cod and WaffleFIVERFEST offer: All sweet waffles for £5
  96. Morgan Pell Farms (Leighton Buzzard Farmers Market)FIVERFEST offer: TO BE CONFIRMED
  97. Me Me MeFIVERFEST offer: Two great offers – Diffuser for £5 and Annie Sloan paint tester pots for £5 
  98. Twiddle and TwistFIVERFEST offer: All macrame keychains for £5 
  99. Linny Lane ChocolatiereFIVERFEST offer:  Small box of bonbons for £5
  100. Absolem Colour Bay Hair DesignFIVERFEST offer: Fringe trim for £5 
  101. MevanFIVERFEST offer: Kids meals for £5 (lunch time only)
  102. New Spice LoungeFIVERFEST offer: “Classic all time favourite curries” dishes for £5 (only includes dishes made with chicken/lamb, chicken/lamb tb, prawn or vegetables) – Offer only available Monday to Thursday
  103. Marisa Helene FashionsFIVERFEST offer: Selected scarves for £5
  104. Twinstyle Hair SalonFIVERFEST offer: Introduce a friend or new customer and get a £5 voucher towards next visit (NOTE: vouchers should be used by end of August 2021)
  105. Wild at HeartFIVERFEST offer: Sunglasses for £5
  106. Rustico Italian BistroFIVERFEST offer: Ragu della nonna and Farmer Panini for £5
  107. Latte Dah Coffeehouse and CafeFIVERFEST offer: Jacket Potato with either chilli and cheese, cheese and beans, tuna, tuna and beans, chilli or beans
  108. Selections Garden and Pet StoreFiverFest offer: Dof powder slug and snail repellant (650g) for £5
  109. Stratton Food HallFIVERFEST offer: Different offers for both weeks of FiverFest fortnight – Week 1 buy 4 X sausage rolls for £5 – Week 2: watch this space!!!
  110. Perfect PartiesFIVERFEST offer: Balloon and banner for £5
  111. Wilde Flower BoutiqueFIVERFEST offer: Germini Eco Wrap for£5
  112. The Studio at idcarditFIVERFEST offer: Personalised bottle openers for £5
  113. King SushiFIVERFEST offer: Chicken Katsu Futomaki for £5 (normally priced at £6.99) 


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