TOTALLY LOCALLY is a grassroots voluntary community organisation that promotes and supports independent local businesses and community events making our town even more vibrant and welcoming. We are doers and brimming with ideas. We operate by the rule of ‘get it done’ and ‘be positive’.
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FIVER FEST is a national initiative that happens collectively across the UK. The 5th Fiver Fest Fortnight takes place from 12 to 26 June 2021 (after Leighton Buzzard last took part in October 2020). It is very simple – loads of great local independent businesses advertise £5 offers in celebration and as thank you to customers. Customers can take advantage of some great bargains and at same time support local businesses.
WATCH OUT FOR FIVER FEST RETURNING IN JUNE 2021! Keep following social media for list of businesses taking part and available offers!

Leighton Buzzard at Twilight (Copyright: Nolan Johnson)
Leighton Buzzard at Twilight (Copyright: Nolan Johnson)

What is Fiver Fest?

Find out about “the economics of being nice” and the £5 message

Spend Local - Shop Local - Fiver Fest message
Fiver Fest

£5 offers and Businesses involved

Find list of which local businesses participated in Fiver Fest October 2020 and their offer details. If you want to take part in Fiver Fest in 2021 please email.

Press Reports

Access details about Totally Locally in the local and regional news articles and TV reports

Fiver Fest Survey

Help us learn from Fiver Fest 2020 and help to lead Fiver Fest 2021

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